A Responsibly-Sourced, High-Altitude, Artisanal Coffee

Our Products

Light Roast

Try our light roast to experience the full flavor of our high quality beans. This roast has a delicately sweet taste and a pleasant flowery aroma.

Medium Roast

Our medium roast has a balanced and well-rounded coffee flavor. It has a lower acidity than our light roast and contains a more natural flavor than our dark roast. Enjoy its nutty aroma and noticeably mellow and smooth taste.

Dark Roast

Be bold and experience our dark roast! Also known as the French Roast, it contains stronger and deeper coffee flavors. Enjoy this roast for its powerful taste along with its smokey aroma.

our process

What makes Native Blend coffee unique is a combination of where it is grown and the expert level of care afforded to the process.



Our beans are grown in a high-altitude environment at the base of the Volcano Tacana in the Soconusco region of Chiapas, Mexico. This land is a federally protected reservation for the Mam indigenous people. The land is spectacular, with a large variety of trees and plants which thrive due to the unique minerals found only near volcanic sites. There are massive waterfalls, lakes, and rivers that are the ecosystem’s lifeblood.

The Mam people who grow and harvest the coffee beans here take every precaution to preserve the health of their land. One example of this is the skin removal process. The coffee is grown with the skin surrounding the beans and a hand-powered machine locally known as a “pulpadora” is utilized to separate the skin from the bean. This skin is a waste product and our harvesters don’t simply dump this waste into nearby rivers as many coffee operations choose to do. This is hazardous to marine life and can poison the water supply if done in excess.

The people who cultivate the coffee used in Native Blend take great care never to harm the environment with the by-products of the process. They do their due diligence to look after their land. This is demonstrated by the many certifications the growers have, including the Rainforest Alliance certification which acknowledges they are complying with sustainable practices.

Productores Tacana

Our beans are grown and harvested in the rich soil of the Chiapas volcanic region. Our beans are grown, harvested, dried, and packaged here in Chiapas and are distributed by the local coffee producer union known as “Productores Tacana” or Tacana Producers. Many producers from all over the Tacana reservation and beyond are represented by this distributor. They are dedicated to caring for and protecting the Biosphere Reserve where they live.

Volcano Imports

Finally, the roasted beans are transported to our distribution hub in Bismarck, North Dakota. This is the final stop before reaching consumers at local coffee shops.

Oregon Coffee Roasters

Oregon Coffee Roasters is a world-class roasting outfit based in Portland, Oregon. They use advanced roasters which utilize airflow technology which removes the majority of the bean skin (or “chaff”) from the roast in order to ensure superior quality. The business is run by great people who are experts in their field. They are coffee connoisseurs who are obsessive about the quality of their service!
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