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The Mam

Indigenous Peoples of Tacaná

The Mam (pronounced Mahm*) indigenous peoples have been growing coffee for hundreds of years. Throughout their history they have had a reputation of being expert farmers. Record of their success in agriculture dates back hundreds of years to the earliest written accounts of these cultures, where the Mam were renowned as being the most talented farmers in all of Mexico. Although successful at their respective craft, they have endured a history of slavery and oppression inflicted upon them by the Aztec Empire and then later by the Spanish Empire.

Despite efforts to force these people to conform and abandon their indigenous ways, the Mam have continued to exist as a people and have not surrendered their identity to colonial powers. In fact, many of them continue to live the same lifestyle as their ancestors had lived for thousands of years. They have had a harmonious relationship with their land for several generations and continue to uphold their cultural values of family, community, and environmentally sustainable living.

The Growers

The coffee farmers I stayed with were incredible people. They were the most welcoming and hospitable people I have ever encountered while traveling. They shared their knowledge of growing coffee. They educated me on all the unique benefits that are experienced while operating a coffee farm. This includes an abundance of coffee available at a moment’s notice, fresh fruit and vegetables which are grown right in their backyard, wonderful views, great weather and noticeably better air quality. Their land is their life, and they do everything in their power to honor and protect it.

The lives of these producers are not without hardships. Workers who assist in harvesting the beans are subjected to difficult labor on rugged and unforgiving terrain, exposure to the elements and extreme heat. They are often hard at work for the entire day, from sun up to sun down. They are paid by the weight of beans collected, so if it is not a good season the workers will not earn as much. This is obviously a problem, however it does not cripple the spirit of these people. They recognize that things need to change, but they do not allow their circumstances to hinder their optimism. I was moved by their genuine happiness and inspired by their simplistic lifestyle.

Harvester picking coffee

The Tacaná Reservation

Our beans are sourced from the Tacaná Reservation in Chiapas. Although this land was formally designated as a biosphere reserve in 2003 by the Mexican federal government, this land has been the source of life for a variety of forests for thousands of years. These forests and all the species of plants that live within them are necessary to create an environment which is hospitable to the perennial shrubs that produce coffee.

This reservation includes the Tacaná Volcano and surrounding mountainous terrain. This volcano has been inactive since its last eruption in 1986. An icon for the locals, its impact on the region is of great significance. Ancient events of volcanic activity have enriched the soil and shaped the topography, laying the foundation required for the abundant ecosystem of coffee that is experienced to this day.


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